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Private Tuturing Services are Learning Services for Students

Academic Connections is not just a Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services company. We offer a variety of services that, when combined, are a powerful catalyst for change in the way your child feels about school. Here are just a few:

  • Assessments & Evaluations: We perform comprehensive interviews with you and your student to understand their individual needs. Then, we administer any appropriate assessment tests to further identify specific areas for improvement.
  • Academic Coaching: By taking advantage of our Academic Coaching services, your child not only gets the help they need with specific subjects, but also hones skills that are crucial to successful study habits.
  • Tutoring: Any subject, any level, any location, we can help. We offer a number of convenient locations, including on-site after school, at local libraries and even in-home tutoring. In combination with the convenience of being able to choose a location that’s easy for you, we are able to provide highly educated tutors for any level and any subject.
  • Homework Help: The tutoring experience often starts with something as simple as homework help. Once we start helping the student, it opens the door for us to assess your child’s learning level and give you our recommendation if they could benefit from our tutoring services.
  • Learning Services: Tutoring is really a small part of what we do. We want children to understand the material they are struggling with, but we also want them to learn concepts and create processes that will help any learning endeavors in the future.
  • Study Skills Training: We believe if you teach a child how to learn more effectively, they will be better students. The learning process is not just absorbing what the teacher says in the classroom environment. It is also knowing how to take that information, parse the main points, and be able to study the important principles.
  • In Home Learning: A students home is sometimes the best atmosphere to facilitate learning. Granted, we can meet anywhere (offices, libraries, coffee shops, etc.), however we find that tutoring in a relaxed home environment is very effective.
  • Private Tutor: Schools are great vehicles for learning when there is a proper student to teacher ratio. The problem with most school systems is there are too many students to each teacher so each child cannot get the individual attention they need. In the private tutor environment, we take time with the children and help the learning process.

Don’t let your child struggle through school. Let Academic Connections Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services give you the help you need now and develop the building blocks to make learning easier in the future. Contact Us today.