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Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services Questions & Answers

Q: Is the consultation really free? What’s the catch?
A: Yes, it’s really free and there’s absolutely no catch and no requirement to use our services going forward! Plus, we are so confident in our services that we are offering 50% off your first tutoring session.

Q: Can you help me improve my score on the SAT or ACT exam?
A: Yes. If you have already taken the test, we can work through practice exams and help your weak areas. If you have not taken the tests yet and are preparing, we can work through the exams, identify the areas where you may struggle, and generally prepare you for the questions on the exams. Increasing your scores in either of these tests will improve your chances of college admission to your desired secondary educational facility.

Q: Do you offer group tutoring?
A: Yes. Group tutoring is a great way to make our tutoring more affordable while still getting the personal attention you need. While we don’t organize the groups, if you have a study group and you need somewhat of a proctor or teacher to help everyone, we can assist.

Q: Where does your tutoring take place?
A: We offer private in home tutoring sessions. However, we don’t need to exclusively meet in your home. Our Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services adjust to your schedule. If you want to meet in a library, coffee shop, restaurant, or anywhere convenient, we can go anywhere. While we feel tutoring is best in a quiet home environment, we can accommodate your schedule.

Q: How much does a tutoring session cost?
A: All of our sessions are evaluated on a case by case basis based on the child’s needs and the tutoring schedule. However, we are one of the most affordable tutoring services in Virginia.

Q: How do I sign up for Academic Connections?
A: Please call us at 1-571-766-0454 or complete a contact form and we will contact you.

Q: Can I customize my own program?
A: Of course.Our teachers can assess your weaknesses and where you need more attention, but your input is important in the discussions of how your tutoring sessions should develop and which areas you feel need more attention than others.

Q: How long are the tutoring sessions?
A: This depends on the student and their needs. Our tutoring sessions can be in 30 minute intervals, 1 hour intervals, or longer sessions if you are trying to cram for an exam the next day or have an assignment due that needs some extra time spent.

Q: Why should I work with Academic Connections?
A: Our tutors truly care about the students. We work with each child on an individual basis and we are versatile enough to engage in tutoring and skills training for any subject, including some difficult college level subjects like statistics or chemistry.

Q: With so many other tutoring companies out there, why should I choose Academic Connections?
A: Choosing a tutoring company can be a difficult process. Academic Connections understands this, which is why we offer a consultation at no cost or obligation to you, and 50% off your first tutoring session. This allows you to experience just how wonderful our services are before you select us as your full-time tutoring option. We also understand the level of commitment and passion parents want from their tutors. We put our tutors through a rigorous screening process to ensure that we have only the best tutors working to help your child reach their academic aspirations.

If you have a question that you want answered here or want any information about our Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services, our tutors, or our tutoring methods, please Contact Us for an answer!