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Feb 27 2012

Importance of Study Skills in Comprehension

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Quality education is something everyone for which everyone should have access. Because of the many benefits of a college education, it is no wonder that many parents want to help their children in any way they can. Many parents feel that having a student study will allow him or her to score excellent grades. This, in turn, will result in them being accepted into a good college where they will receive a great education. While studying is important, you should ask yourself if your child really knows how to study well. Study skills are a very important part of not only doing well on examinations, but also actually understanding the material.

Sitting in front of a book for hours does not mean that you will have learned anything, especially since it is hard to retain a lot of information all at once. Many techniques can be adopted in order to make dealing with a lot of content more manageable, though. As you learn the basics of a topic, write summaries of each aspect on index cards to review whenever you have some free time. Frequent exposure will help with remembering the key points. These points will form a framework for understanding the whole picture. When you move beyond the basics, try to visualize how new information fits into what you already understand. These study skills help reinforce understanding of the topic, which is a lot stronger than simple memorization.


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