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Our Tutoring Method – P.A.C.E.

Academic Connections has earned a reputation for providing the very best tutors in Virginia. Our methods are built around the individual student. Each individual is afforded a custom plan based on their needs and abilities. We treat every student with the individualized attention they need to succeed.

Planning – By providing students with organizational and time management tools, along with a goal-tracking system, we allow parents, students, and teachers to measure progress. Check out the Academic Coaching program for more information.

Assessment – We administer the appropriate assessment tests to determine the students’ current level of performance. Please see our Assessment section for more information about our tests.

Coaching – In addition to working to create a positive learning environment for our students during their tutoring sessions, we also coach parents on ways to help their children learn.

Expectations – By spending time with students and their parents, we strive to understand where improvement is needed, what you hope to achieve by using our services, and to cater our tutoring services to each student’s personal learning style.

Our PACE method is a uniform process that stresses focus on individual needs. As a Northern Virginia Tutor And Tutoring Services company we adopt policies and procedures that work. As an educator, we will custom fit methods that will be most effective for the individual student. As we strive for a successful student, we take careful care in constant evaluation.