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We teach each of the subjects below at all levels, from Kindergarten all the way through college. If you’re not sure if your subject is covered, please Contact Us for more information.

From basic arithmetic to the highest-level college mathematics, we are able to provide tutoring services for any student struggling with mathematical concepts.

Academic Connections provides tutoring services for all English fundamentals, like parts of speech and sentence structure as well as advanced research and literary analysis. We offer our services in this area for all levels.

Social Studies
By building a bridge between what is learned in class and what is experienced in life, Academic Connections deepens the understand of, and appreciation for, the effect of social studies in students’ personal lives, thereby increasing retention.

Reading is the cornerstone of an effective education. The ability to read and comprehend what is being read is crucial to your child’s success in every other subject, and even beyond his or her formal education. With our help, your child can begin to enjoy reading instead of viewing it as a stumbling block on their road to success.

The ability to write effectively becomes increasingly important throughout a student’s academic career and into their professional career. From basic sentence structure, grammar and approved writing styles to helping your student find and develop their personal creative writing flair, we can help.

As George Santayana said in 1905, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The sentiment behind this statement is that if you learn what has happened in the past, you will be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Academic Connections is committed to assisting with the development of tools to help students understand and retain historical information, to rescue them from this fate.

Learn to understand and appreciate the great modern literary works as well as the classic works from times before our own. Academic Connections helps students hone their research and analysis skills to enhance their enjoyment of required reading.

Let Academic Connections transform this subject from a roadblock to a thrilling and fascinating journey through modern technology, life, our planet, the universe, and beyond.

Travel through the human psyche and gain personal insights into the minds of the greatest psychological minds of the past and present. Become the next generation’s window into the ways of humanity – with our help!

Explore musical theory and history, and enhance your instrument playing skills with Academic Connections’ music tutors. Name your instrument of choice and we’ll find a tutor for you.

Any medium, any style, we have tutors suited to your artistic needs. From pencil and paint to photography and digital media, Academic Connections will find an amazing tutor to enhance the depths of your artistic work.

To learn, or not to learn – that is the question! Allow Academic Connections to deepen your appreciation for the performing arts by providing a tutor knowledgeable in the most widely recognized methods for improvement in this area.

Hardware, software, programming, web development and more – we have tutors trained in the latest and greatest technologies for all of your learning needs.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to hone your business skills or a college student seeking a degree in business administration, we have tutors who can help you with any business related course.

If you’re following a traditional engineering path like aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, or mechanical, or even if you’re following a more modern path like computer or software engineering, Academic Connections offers tutors who can help.

Resume Writing
This life skill is indispensable and your ability to write an effective resume can make or break your chances of landing a job. We teach you how to use a combination of results-driven writing, document formatting and the latest tricks of the trade to ensure your resume is top-notch.

Bring your understanding of Accounting out of a deficit and let us credit your education. From basic Accounting concepts and vocabulary to more advanced methodologies and modern software, Academic Connections has the tutor for you.

Whether your interest is business finance, personal finance or public finance, we are able to provide a tutor to suit your needs at all levels of finance.