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Learning Evaluations,Northern  Virginia Tutoring Learning Evaluations

Learning Evaluations are Useful for Setting Tutoring Goals

The best way to determine a student’s strong points and areas for improvement is to administer full educational Learning Evaluations. These provide a tutoring blueprint of the student’s educational status and their educational needs, enabling a more customized approach to tutoring. We administer all appropriate assessments to determine exactly where improvement is needed. While tutoring has been very effective for countless students across the world, its efficacy as a tool is maximized by identifying areas for improvement with Learning Evaluations. After a thorough evaluation, we can develop a plan based on the student’s educational status and needs, that takes into account their capabilities and unique learning style. Academic Connections is a results-oriented tutoring company in Virginia, which means that we measure our success as tutors based on how well the student is equipped to meet their educational objectives. Learning Evaluations: Part of Our Three-Step Process for Tutoring Success
    1. Understanding Objectives – When speaking to a student, or parent seeking tutoring for their child, we first work to understand what the client hopes to achieve. Does the student need help with their reading and critical thinking skills in order to succeed in an AP English course? On the other hand, are they looking to improve their SAT scores with a test prep course? Although objectives overlap and tutoring in one area can help in another, it is important to decide on a primary goal.
    2. Learning Evaluations – After identifying the end goal, an educational evaluation illuminates the student’s current position on the journey to that goal.
    3. Tutoring Plan Development and Execution – With the end goal in mind, our staff will work with the student to develop a program that works with the student’s schedule, needs, and learning style –  then we begin the student’s customized tutoring plan, tracking their progress the entire way.
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